"I learned more in the first month here, than I did in all 8 months

at Ft Gordon." 

* "I have actually been taught more here than I have in my entire

military career." 

"When I got back from AIT, I knew XYZ.  But when I got my unit they

told me they only had ABC.  So I had to relearn everything. With this

training, I feel like no matter what they have, I will be effective."

"The equipment is not out-dated. The learning here is actually on

current and relevant to the current industry."

"I like it because it's immersive and I'm doing it all the time."

"I think it's useful that we build stuff and we immediately apply it.

In a lot of my classes they just discuss stuff and don't really let us

use it."

"Great motivation. Once I found we were owned, it was really effective

for us to have to go secure ourselves. I never had to experience

anything like that before."

"I didn't know the C programming language beforehand and now I'm

writing complex implants that bypass anti-virus. Also, there's no

PowerPoint here."

"It's flexible enough to let students work on their own weak spots, with

instructors knowledgeable to help right when we need it."

"We leave with an actual suite of tools that we built by hand and know

how every piece works."

"Military has the learning model of: crawl, walk, run. It has one

solution for the job and that's it. This teaches creativity and

understanding so we can solve our own problems. Here we are told to run."

"This simulates real work problem solving so we can solve problems on day one."

"Self-paced topic discovery."

"I really like that it caters to where ever you are, and, if you need

more time on something, you can spend time on it."

"Students are not restrained to any one style of training."

"Casual learning environment that encourages students making mistakes, and learning from them."

"The course supports individual proficiencies and caters to each instead of teaching a group how to meet a specific goal in a specific way."

"There are individual benchmarks tailored to the specific student ability."

"Builds connections between students."

"This is the best training I have ever had."