White-Swan Protocol_

Welcome to POINT3 SECURITY's presentation of escalate®, a point3 security ecosystem and training platform

Headquartered inside Baltimore's Emerging Technology Center, POINT3 SECURITY is a team of government-trained hackers dedicated to stopping the rising trend of sophisticated cyber-attacks and corporate enterprise digital data theft through training software designed specifically for our clients' needs.

Our accomplishments include earning the National Security Agency Director's Team Award and winning hacking contests from DEFCON to multiple Cyber Defense Competition events. We're proud to be recognized as the gold-standard of cyber defense education, and look forward to training, teaching, and qualifying the future of cyber security.


Escalate™ is an immersive online ecosystem that up-skills users in a variety of advanced topics. Our training platform was built by master craftsmen, leaders in cyber operations and development, who have honed their craft on live-operations. Apprentices are provided with education in advanced subjects including malware reverse engineering, network security monitoring, disk and memory forensics, vulnerability research, offensive and defensive operations, and operational software development. 

Escalate™ supports 24/7 professional training in a way that allows for a mentor led, real-world, self-paced curriculum that has been tailored to accommodate a full spectrum of skill-sets, and present a measured, validated, and respected result.

The Market Demand_


The lack of hands-on exposure to real-world scenarios using the latest technologies, and accounting for all tools currently available to counter-parts, creates a workforce of ill-prepared, incompetent, ineffcient, inexperienced, or under-educated team-members. 


HR/Recruiters tasked to validate the credentials and skillset of applicants often do not have the knowledge or industry-specific tools to properly asses their candidate's level of expertise, understanding, accuracy or efficiency.  

Knowledge//Industry Leadership_

In today’s landscape, one needs to be proficient in system and network administration, packet capture and network monitoring, vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and host and network forensics. — Escalate™ addresses market needs outlined specifically by industry leaders seeking qualified candidates.

  • The Director of Force Training has twice commissioned Point3 to lead a fluid, challenge-based course where students are continually assessed by experienced practitioners.
  • Point3 has conducted multiple CTF (Capture The Flag) events, using its own proprietary set of challenges in industry and corporate-sponsored environments. Experience in this environment is an absolute demand.

Point3's Escalate Approach_

Intent driven. Escalate™ by Point3 Security is specifically designed to position candidates at the top of their respected industry. Balancing familiar environments with a gradual introduction to more challenging tasks allows students of the Escalate™training platform to gain a genuine and proficient level of confidence in practice versus in theory, described in essay format. Point3's approach to identifying and resolving real-world challenges with problem solving exercises has demonstrated proven and measured results.

  • ESCALATE, overcomes limitations and improves the way practitioners are upskilled in the cyber domain.
  • ESCALATE is a cloud-hosted ecosystem accessible to its subscribers 24/7.
  • It can be migrated to a private cloud and integrated with existing cyber ranges.
  • Challenges are modern and relevant, with additional levels continually introduced into the system.
  • Cyber Operations Academy Course (COAC), boasts that over 80% of a student’s time is spent “on keyboard” rather than in lecture— leading to greater knowledge retention and increased operational readiness.
  • Individual challenges can be utilized for measuring and validating a potential-hire skillset.
  • ESCALATE presents challenges for offensive-defense Capture The Flag competitions, where teams of trainees can simultaneously attack opponents’ assets while protecting their own.
  • Competitive elements, such as task delegation and teamwork, are the precise requirements to construct an effective cyber workforce.
  • Trainees can play challenges in any order and work at self-paced tempo.